Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BSIT have their fieldtrip in Cebu

The second year students taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology of Siquijor State College - Lazi Campus have their fieldtrip in Cebu City last December 8 - 11, 2009. Before I'll share to you the happening's during the Trip. I would Like to share first about how field trip is important to the students.

Educational field trips has long been a major part of the education programs. However, due to funding limitations, time constraints, and increased liability concerns many education professionals balk at requests for field trips. In spite of these concerns, well-planned field trips can be a valuable tool in the extension agents educational toolbox.

An educational field trip can be an integral part of the instructional program. Good field trips provide participants with first hand experience related to the topic or concept being discussed in the program. They provide unique opportunities for learning that are not available within the four walls of a classroom. And the students well have some ideas about what is happening in a work place.

On the first day of the trip, the students were so exited. December 8, 2009, the First place that we visited was the Magellan's Cross and the Santo Nino Church in there the tour guide explained to us about the Cross. There we know that the cross was brought by Ferdenand Magellan on his voyage and also with the Santo Nino church. We also visited the Philippines National Bank and the Personnel of the bank explained to us about the status of the country's economy and also explain about the real and fake money. Third place that we visit is the Lapu - Lapu Shrine where in there the battle between Magellan and Lapu - Lapu happened. We were so tired at that time but still there is one place to be visited with is the Taoist Temple but when we where there all this tiredness where gone, and "Oh My" what a view... and after staying for almost 2 hours finally to the hotel.

On the second Day the first place that we visited was the ABS CBN Cebu there they explained to us about news airtime and the signal. Next place was a Call Center ( SYKES) we have some discussion with the agents. Third was INNODATA, innodata is a company that converts books into e-books and take note there clients are from abroad. We also visited the CTOM, they show to us about the traffic control of the entire city .

And on the third day, students have there time for shopping before going home.

Siquijor State College - Lazi Campus

Siquijor State College - Lazi Campus was formerly called Lazi Skills Development CCenter which was co-managed by the Local Government Unit of Lazi, Provincial Government of Siquijor and Technical Education and Skills Development Auhority for 5 years since 2001.

On February 27, 2006 Dr. Dominador Q. Cabanganan, President, Siquijor State College, Larena, Siquijor has an agreement between Siquijor State College (SSC) and Lazi Skills Development Center(LSDC) stating a great desire to be a satellite school.

Fortunatel, the blessed convincing power of Dr. Dominador Q. Cabanganan was greatly appreciated to the entire group bringing education in the South which trigger some of the leaders in remembering the song "The Impossible Dream" because of a training Center to a State College. What made the three great leaders of Lazi convinced namely: Hon. Orlando B. Fua, Sr.Hon. Orlando "Shane" Fua, Jr. and Hon Orveille A. Fua BOTH Provincial Governor, Congressman and Municipal Mayor respectively was the signing of Memorandum of Agreement right after the submission of LGU's resolution for absorption.

Marked of its success and reality, Siquijor State College - Lazi Campus its now on transition period with the Provincial Government's commitment to appropriate funds in the amount of 1.5 Million for 5 years as stipulated under the MOA.

The momentous support of Congressman, Provincial Government and LGU-Lazi was made realized, therefore, members of the SSC Board of Trustees appoved Res. No.22, S. 2006 "A RESOLUTION APPROVING THE ADOPTION OF THE LAZI SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTER BY SIQUIJOR STATE COLLEGE, IN LARENA, SIQUIJOR.